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Aopmall 7 Color Poly Gel Set With Nail Dryer All 15 Pcs NGS00010​

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    Aopmall 7 Color Poly Gel Set With Nail Dryer All 15 Pcs NGS00010


    SKU: AOP-NGS00001

    Brand: AOPMALL

    Type: Poly Gel

    Quantity: 1 set

    Package includes:

    7*Poly gel (Capacity: 15ml*7)

    1*Base coat(8ml)

    1*Top coat(8ml)

    1*LED Nail Dryer

    1*30ml Slip Solution

    1*Nail Tips Clip Tool

    1*100pcs Dual form

    1*Dual nail brush and spatula

    1*Nail file

    How to avoid poly nail gel broken easily?

    1. Thinner is better when you apply base coat. And remember to cover the tip of the nails.

    2. Do not cure base coat for too long or too short (It is normal for base coat to keep a bit sticky).

    3. The poly nail gel you add on dual form or nail extension sticker should not be too much, remember to use slip solution to fully spread the gel.

    4. DO NOT use your fingernails to open cans, nut shells, lids or other hard things.

    Poly Gel Set

    Poly Gel Set


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