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What does soak off gel polish mean

    It soak off gel polish. Dip the nail polish remover with a cotton pad and wrap it in tin foil. Then wrap the nails with foil. Wait for 10-15 minutes, until the surface of the nail polish will float. Then use a special nail art to gently rub off the nail polish glue on the surface of the nail. Wipe off the residue on the nail surface with a damp paper towel.

The difference between soak-off and non-removable gel nail polish

1. The removal method is different. Soak-off nail polish gel can be removed by wrapping tin foil with nail remover water, while non-removable nail polish glue needs to be polished off with an emery stick;

2. The degree of difficulty of removal is different. It is more convenient to remove the removable nail polish, but it is more laborious to remove the non-removable nail polish;

3. The removable nail polish glue can be removed directly, while the non-removable nail polish glue needs to borrow some nail art tools, such as nail polish kits, sand strips and other tools to remove the nail polish glue

    Nowadays, nail polish with sequins is popular. Although it looks good, it is very difficult to remove. When encountering such a problem, the nail polisher will put a small piece of cotton soaked with nail polish remover on the nail and apply it quietly for a few minutes. When the nail polish remover is soaked, it is much easier to remove the glitter nail polish.

    In addition, whether the nail polish can be easily removed is also related to the health of the nails. Therefore, you need to do nail care frequently. If you don't have time to do a complete nail care, polishing your nails in your leisure time is the best choice. Polishing your nails It takes a very short time to make the nails look beautiful pink, even if you don’t apply the nail polish remover, they are still full of healthy luster, and it is convenient to do your favorite nail style.

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soak off gel polish



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