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How long does gel polish last

gel polish

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Light therapy nails and gel polish are more troublesome, so you need a professional manicurist to complete them. Of course, girls hope that the effect of phototherapy nail and gel polish on the finger can be as long as possible, so how long can usually be maintained after one phototherapy and gel polish

 In fact, the length of time that the phototherapy nail and the AOPMALL gel polish glue can maintain is roughly the same, and generally can be maintained for about one month. Of course, whether phototherapy nails and gel polish glue can last for a long time has a lot to do with nail art. Among them, it is very important to control the baking time and make the phototherapy nail or nail polish glue as firm as possible. After the perfect nail is done, you can't touch the water right away, because the gel of the phototherapy nail and nail polish will not be completely dried after 24 hours. In addition, if your phototherapy nails or gel polish are of poor quality, the maintenance time will be greatly shortened.



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