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How does gel nail polish work

How does gel nail polish work

1. The dead skin on the edge of the nail must be removed;

2. Brush the balance liquid twice before applying the primer;

3. When applying primer, the amount must be small, otherwise there will be shrinkage;

4. In the same way, the amount of color glue should be small and thin, and the pure color and transparent should be applied several times;

5. The sealing layer should not be too much;

6. Do not use the non-washable sealant on the surface of the removable glue, because it will be easy to crack;

7. It is best not to mix gel nail polish of different brands. In addition, some brands of gel nail polishes require the use of lights of the same brand;

8. The gel cleaning solution for cleaning the seal layer should be sufficient;

9. Don't press hard when brushing the gel nail polish glue, just brush gently with the same angle, pressure, and arc;

10. Brush the gel nail polish on the bottom of the nail in an arc shape.

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